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Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists

Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine located in Northern Virginia

47 total reviews

Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 47 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Christopher A.
Submitted 07/18/22
Albert H.
Submitted 07/15/22
Dr. Huffman continues to be outstanding. The Washington DC area is very, very lucky to have this resource. And finally he is now in Virginia also. Made my life much much much easier. He has selected a very competent employees and staff in addition
Billie S.
Submitted 06/27/22
My first visit. I felt very comfortable. Wasnt treated like a drug addict as I have in the past. Dr. Huffman listened to me and made me feel at ease. He diagnosed my problem pretty much immediately. I have been to 4 doctors an a chiropractor over the last 9 months and was close to losing my mind. He has a plan to help me. Thank the good Lord above.
Janell T.
Submitted 06/25/22
Friendly, professional staff. Dr. Huffman explained my problem and how he could help me clearly. He is easy to talk to and listened carefully to any questions and concerns. Look forward to working with him.
Cate P.
Submitted 05/07/22
Very good analysis and discussion.
Hans S.
Submitted 05/07/22
After having visited several other similar medical practices, including my own internist, Dr. Huffman was the only one to whom I was able to convey my particular condition. He realized that something needed to be done to alleviate the pain I was dealing with and was willing to prescribe medication to at least arrest my situation for the short term. I am looking forward to a follow-on visit. Hans Salzinger
William R.
Submitted 04/23/22
Great reduction of pain.
Michael S.
Submitted 04/23/22
Dr. Huffman is such an exceptional pain mgt doctor. That when I moved to Georgia for a year, I kept him as my doctor!! I traveled three times from Savannah for appointments, finally moving back to eastern WV.
Daniel J.
Submitted 04/18/22
Extremely patient oriented, knowledgeable, great integrity and ethics
Sherry M.
Submitted 04/02/22
It's a long story, get comfy... Have had severe neck pain following multiple caraccidents since 1995. After 11 cervical spine procedures I was couchbound, unable to function due to severe pain, and suicidal. In 2010 a doctor suggested we try opiod therapy, which saved my life! I have been able to function and although I still have bad days, I am mostly pain free and have maintained my current doses for 11 years with no ill effects. Fast forward to relocating to Arlington, VA. I met with 10 different pain management physicians, each of whom flatly refused to continue my prescriptions and none of them were interested in seeing my medical records. One of my doctors suggested I try Dr. Huffman, and I could not believe my luck. The man actually listens, believes, cares, and knows his stuff. I have been dealing with chronic pain for almost 30 years, and have been referred to over 30 specialists and have never been happier with a doctor or staff. Being believed, and not treated like a criminal is an incredible gift.
Kenneth G.
Submitted 02/16/22
Dr Huffman refilled my pain pump on the 22Jan22. He used this pump refill to train Kathy on pump refills. Dr Huffman showed Kathy how to find the index mark. So she could then find the port. To insert the needle of the syringe. To remove the remaining medication from the pump. This she did successfully. Dr Huffman then performed the refill of my pain pump. With Kathy observing. Dr Huffman chose to not make any increases in the concentrations at this time. My pain levels continue to be considerably lower since the previous refill. When he made significant increases in the concentrations of the meds in my pump. I continue to be very pleased with the care I receive from Dr Huffman and his staff.
William D.
Submitted 01/16/22
I have been a patient of Dr. Ghazal’s for over 6 years. First when he was at Holy Cross Hospital and now I have reconnected with him to continue my treatment at his new practice. Dr. Ghazal is a caring doctor as well as a great human being. From the first time I met him he has been working to help me enjoy a better quality of life. He is kind, informative, thorough and efficient in his work to help his patients. One of his best qualities is he “listens” not just to respond, but to figure out the best course of treatment for his patients. I am grateful to have reconnected with Dr. Ghazal as well as extremely thankful that I have a doctor like him, that works to better the quality of my life.
Esta A.
Submitted 01/14/22
Very helpful and understanding to my needs.
Carol K.
Submitted 01/14/22
As always, efficient, compassionate and solutions oriented.
Nadine L.
Submitted 01/12/22
Dr. Huffman is clearly a physician who is well versed in his craft and goes above and beyond for his patients. Where most doctors would give up on a patient after a few pain pump trials, Dr. Huffman has persisted in trying to find the correct medication and dosage that would provide the best possible outcome. He explains things in a clear and understandable manner and is available to answer all questions, never appearing rushed despite having a busy practice. Overall I’m extremely impressed with both Dr. Huffman and his assistant Kathy. I couldn’t ask for a better medical team who clearly care about their patients. I have had numerous negative experiences in the past with other physicians, which has caused me to become mistrustful of the medical community as a whole. Dr. Huffman has given me hope that there are still some exceptional physicians left and it is of great comfort to have a physician to whom I have developed full faith and confidence knowing that I am in good hands.
Sara C.
Submitted 01/09/22
Pleasant quick and helpful.
Barrie H.
Submitted 12/31/21
To say that Dr. Huffman has changed my life would be an understatement... he has given me my life back! I was referred to his practice over 20 years ago when the Orthopedic surgeons, Peripheral Nerve surgeons, OT's, PT's, Psychiatrists, and meds had done all they could for the ulnar nerve damage I was suffering from. As a result of a work-related injury, I was at the end of my rope! When I met Dr. Huffman, I was impressed that he had actually taken time to read the volumes of medical records that he had been forwarded. He listened intently to my needs, came up with a plan, and suggested that I consider a neurostim. trial. Within days of the surgery, I was begging him to leave the trial in because I could finally sleep! A week later, I had the real thing. People have asked what the neurostim. feels like, and to me it's like I'm carrying around a purring kitten on my arm. I was elated that the neurostim. had taken away 80% of the constant pain, but Dr. Huffman thought that I could actually get more relief. He suggested that I consider a pain pump as well, since I was still needing lots of meds for breakthrough pain. Needless to say, he was right again... and the rest is history! Dr. Huffman's ability to help patients manage their pain is amazing, and I trust his thoughtful recommendations 100%. Don't get me wrong...even with a neurostim. and pain pump I still have some bad days, but my good days far outweigh them and I know that "behind every bad day is another good one... just waiting"! That's the "hope" that having Dr. Huffman in my corner affords me! He is a brilliant man who has uncanny gift of helping to unravel complicated problems, making them less debilitating. He surrounds himself with a very supportive staff and colleague, Dr. Ghazal, who is also incredible in managing pain. If you're at that point in your life where you're considering getting help from a pain management team, you would have an extremely difficult time finding anyone better than Dr. John Huffman.
Benjamin W.
Submitted 12/24/21
Roger S.
Submitted 12/23/21
Very pleased and satisfied. Dr. Huffman is highly recommended for treatment of complex pain disorders.
Prasad B.
Submitted 11/25/21
excellent service!