Is PRP Right for Me?

Are you struggling with chronic pain or pain from an injury but don’t like the idea of surgery or other invasive treatments therapies, pills, or harsh injections? The pain specialists at Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists in Arlington, Virginia, understand. 

John Huffman, MD, and our care team know that many patients deal with pain due to an underlying condition or injury. As many as 20% of Americans deal with chronic pain every day, and for most their quality of life is impaired along with their physical capabilities. 

We also understand that many patients want an alternative to prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) pain pills or invasive interventions, like surgery. If this describes you, platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy could be right for you. 

Dr. Huffman offers PRP therapy as part of our regenerative medicine services as a safe and effective treatment option for many conditions. Keep reading to learn if PRP therapy is right for you. 

What is PRP therapy?

Your body is an amazing thing that comes with everything it needs to repair and regenerate damaged cells and tissues. Regenerative medicine harnesses the power of your natural healing processes to speed your recovery and reduce any associated symptoms. 

It works by using resources from your body to promote cellular regeneration, healing damaged tissues, decreasing your pain, and improving or returning normal function and mobility to the affected areas.   

At Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists, we offer different types of regenerative medicine. One of the most effective regenerative treatments is PRP therapy. 

PRP therapy uses the healing properties of platelets, which are in your blood, to encourage your body to heal itself. To administer PRP therapy, Dr. Huffman or your provider draws a small amount of your blood and places it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets to create a platelet-rich plasma

First, your provider draws a small amount of your blood and places it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets to create a super-concentrated solution of platelet-rich plasma rich in nutrients and special growth factors.

Your provider then injects the PRP solution directly into your afflicted tissues. The powerful growth factors trigger your healing process and the regeneration of new cells, helping heal your body and reduce pain and other symptoms.   

Is PRP therapy safe?

One of the best things about PRP therapy is how safe it is. Negative reactions to PRP are rare since we only inject your own cells back into your body. Of course, all medical procedures have some risks, and with PRP the most common include inflammation at the injection site, swelling, and mild pain. 

Although PRP is safe, it’s important to only seek PRP therapy from qualified medical professionals. The team at Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists monitors your progress to ensure your treatment goes smoothly and follows the latest scientific techniques and medical studies so you receive the most safe and effective care possible.  

Is PRP therapy right for me?

Dr. Huffman and the team at Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists first accurately diagnose the problem before advising you about your candidacy for PRP therapy. If PRP isn’t the right solution, we work with you to recommend an alternative treatment.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain or have a soft-tissue injury, PRP therapy could be the right choice for you. Regenerative medicine is an emerging field, and researchers are finding new uses for PRP therapy all the time. Generally speaking, PRP might be right for you if you have one or more of the following conditions: 

Dr. Huffman uses a holistic approach to care and may recommend additional therapies to use along with PRP, such as lifestyle changes (e.g., losing weight), physical therapy, massage therapy, and more. 

To learn more about PRP therapy and whether it’s the right treatment option for you, contact Dr. Huffman and the team at Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists in Northern Virginia by calling 571-210-1813. You can also book an appointment online, or schedule a convenient virtual visit now.

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